Posted by: Souken | January 17, 2008


As of today, I’ll be blogging from this new blog I was talking about.

Cheers everyone, glad you have enjoyed Rosenstolz’s blog while it lasted. 🙂

Posted by: Souken | January 15, 2008

Another beginning…

I have been wondering these few days about what to do next after the disbandment. This blog was good while it lasted, in fact I was rather surprised and thankful for all the comments in the last entry. It also shows that this blog helped publicize Rosenstolz to the server also while it was still around.

Of course, I do hope from now onwards that memories of everything I have blogged remain as they are here. And because Rosenstolz is no longer as it is, there really is no more reason for me to continue blogging under it’s name. So I decided, I will be blogging from another link. (WordPress unfortunately does not allow you to edit the blog you created but you can create multiple blogs under a single account)

Well anyway I’ll post up the link when I got the new blog all ready. And this time it’s more on a personal level with my view on GE (and throw in a couple of guides and reviews).

Posted by: Souken | January 13, 2008


I’ve finally been given the green light to release the news, Rosenstolz has officially been disbanded. Yes, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of now-factionless Rosenstolz members walking around without a faction tag behind their name. It was a hard decision for Weinz, the leader of the faction to make with such of an action.

To sum it simply, I would say Weinz disbanded because she has a life to move on. Taking care of a faction is really considered no easy feat, you really have to handle a lot of issues and whenever your members who walk around with the faction name you came up with get into trouble, inevitably the blame all goes to you. Similarly though, if they did something commendable, good praises will come one’s way.

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Posted by: Souken | January 12, 2008

Counting down

There was really nothing to blog lately, honest! It’s hard to juggle normal life activities with GE since we’re rather accustomed with the December holidays. But I finally could squeeze in some time to blog…

While you still can (and also IF you still can…), you might wanna grab a copy of January’s My Bellem Box. This month contains an exclusive Idge the Battlesmith, 2 x Plate Mail costumes and a Samurai Fighter costume (F) along with the usual 5,800 G-points. With a price of S$19.90, it’s definitely a worthwhile steal in my opinion. Also, people are having good remarks of Idge the Battlesmith.

Idge the Battlesmith, not your average Idge…

The fact that she has 8 AGI and has three more extra stances (Back Guard, High Guard, Hack and Slash) as compared to normal Idge really turns all the players on the right way. It’s not hard to imagine why she’s quite well-loved at the moment. But coming back to reality, the poll for February’s My Bellem Box is already on, looking at the options, I’m sure we all know the drool-icious one…

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Posted by: Souken | January 10, 2008

“Hi, I hail from RudeLand”

A lot has happened recently and the year didn’t start exactly as planned.

It’s been a long while since I met a rude player, and as sad as I would like to point out – they’re mostly Pinoys or Philippines players. Not that what race, religion, country you are matters actually but rather the core attitude of the player him/herself. Unfortunately, in Pachelbel a couple of bad apples have to ruin it for all who hail from the same country.

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